Dunc’s BBQ is Now Offering a New Franchise Opportunity!

Newnan, GA, February 2022 – No other restaurant can emulate the savory and juicy flavor of Dunc’s
BBQ smoked meats! Renowned for our smoking process on Pecan Wood, we’re your guide to endless
delectable dishes to satisfy your appetite. Dunc’s BBQ has diverse menu options that you can choose
from, including wings, ribs, brisket, and more! All at unbeatable prices. Dunc’s BBQ began as a labor of
love. Steve Duncan, the founder, combined his extensive meat smoking experience and business industry
know-how to establish a concept that not only served the community but guaranteed complete customer
satisfaction. Since then, we’ve achieved great success by always ensuring that our customers have an
excellent dining experience from beginning to end. Dunc’s BBQ is on a mission to expand and share our
delicious smoked barbecue throughout the nation, and now we can, with our exciting franchise

Dunc’s BBQ is quickly becoming America’s favorite choice for smoked meats! We are known for our
original recipes, which date back to 25 years, the quality of our food, and the friendliest service you can
ask for—hosting a backyard festivity, wedding, graduation party, or lunch? Choose our catering options
for an effortless way to bring our mouthwatering smoked barbecue to any event. Our dedication to
providing the best Southern hospitality and meeting customers’ needs has given us an edge amongst our
competitors. Another priority that fuels our one-of-a-kind level of excellence is our focus on giving back
to the community by supporting people, companies, and nonprofits. Here at Dunc’s BBQ, our customers
always come first! This simple yet effective business model has propelled our business forward.

Our influence has continued to stretch far and wide. Now, during the height of our success, we seek to
encourage others to join us on our quest for expansion! As a franchisee, you will be able to take our
successful business model and build upon it. Investing in Dunc’s BBQ will not only help your career
flourish, but you will also be investing in a growing market share which will guarantee profit.
Dunc’s BBQ continues to pioneer as a leading industry brand known for its quality barbecue cuisine and
amazing service. If you are not familiar with the restaurant industry, it can be challenging to operate
without proper education. That is why we have developed a training program that will help ease your
transition into business ownership. We will give you all the support and tools you need along the way to
advance as a franchisee. From here, there is nowhere else to go but up! Contact Franchise Creator today
to learn about this fantastic opportunity.

About Franchise Creator
Franchise Creator was founded by CEO Hossein Kasmai in search of helping established businesses
branch out and expand their market through franchising. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Kasmai has
launched numerous successful business concepts of his own that have been ranked highly in publishings
such as Entrepreneur Magazine for several years in a row. For more information about Franchise Creator,
please visit the company website at www.franchisecreator.com or call 305-592-9229.

Smoked wings, ribs, brisket, and more! Here at Dunc’s BBQ, you’ll find flavorful fulfillment within every
item on our menu. Our one-of-a-kind smoking process on Pecan Wood paired with our original recipes,
which date back to 25 years, continues to enamor our customers with its tasty results! But we’re not just
known for our quality meals, we’ve also become famous for our quality service. Once a customer walks
into our restaurant, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure their complete satisfaction. Dunc’s BBQ was
established by Steve Duncan, who sought to use his business industry knowledge with his extensive meat
smoking experience to create a community-minded establishment. Since then, we’ve achieved widespread
popularity and developed trusting relationships with our customers. Now, at the height of our success,
we’ve decided to take the next step in evolution and franchise the business to share our delectable
barbecue cuisine with the entire country!

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Dunc’s BBQ is on a mission to serve our customers with the very best smoked barbecue they’ve ever had!
The quality of our food is due to our fresh ingredients and meticulous smoking process. Are you hosting a
backyard festivity, wedding, graduation party, or lunch? We’ve got you covered! Our catering options
make it easy for you to create an impressionable dining experience. We are not only devoted to providing
tasty and flavorful dishes. We’re also dedicated to helping our community! Dunc’s BBQ supports people,
companies, and nonprofits. Our consistency and diligence with our craft have led us to become highly
regarded in the food industry.

Dunc’s BBQ is now offering a chance to open a new storefront location! Prospective locations can
diversify in size and place, pending our approval. The total initial investment for Dunc’s BBQ franchise
can range from $192,950 to $331,000 and includes a one-time franchise fee of $29,900. Your initial
investment will cover many of the necessary expenses associated with opening Dunc’s BBQ franchise location, including furniture and fixtures, the initial inventory, and the construction of any required
leasehold improvements.

We’ve developed a business model concept that has made it effortless to understand how Dunc’s BBQ
operates with a minimal training process. This training process includes a classroom and on-the-job
section. The classroom section, which is 25 hours, goes over essential information like an introduction to
the company and its values. The on-the-job section requires 101 hours but goes more in-depth into the
operations by providing a more hands-on experience.

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franchise in that state. This franchise may not be registered in all states and may not offer
franchises to residents of registration states or persons wishing to open a franchise in those states
until compliance guidelines are met. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the
delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).